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It’s been a busy and eventful week for me since one of my photographs got featured in the Monroe Galleries located in Downtown of Jacksonville, FL. While I was super excited about that, my birthday is coming up on Sunday! I do have a few plans for a celebration of sorts, but I’m really excited!

To celebrate my birthday a little early and start November off, here’s a review on a small company I discovered recently at a Market Day held on campus. It’s called Body & Soul Soap and the owner makes her products based on her experience as a certified herbalist!

I’ll be reviewing two of her products from her shop. The first is the Autumn Spice Soap that was available for a limited time and the price was around $6.00 -$6.50.


The second is the Natural Rosemary Shampoo Bar that is available for around $6 – $8 (you will have to purchase it directly from her if you spot her shop open at various locations since she travels).


I picked both items up near the start of Autumn season because I love supporting small or tiny businesses and I love soap bars (obviously!). Once I got done with a previous product that I was using at the time, I started using both the soap bar and the shampoo bar. I got a few uses out of both and I’m ready to give you my thoughts.


Starting with the Autumn Spice soap, this was a real treat! It lathered well with no problems and cleaned my body and face very well too! The fragrance is mostly reminiscent of perfume, but has a warm undertone that reminds you of pumpkin, apple and many other items of Fall. My only complaint about the soap would be that it can melt very easily if sat in water since when wet, it becomes somewhat sticky. I recommend the use of a wooden soap tray to preserve it and allow it to dry out.

As for the Natural Rosemary Shampoo Bar, this has become one of my favorite shampoo bars to use on my afro! The lather is an immediate bubbly, foamy lather that doesn’t take long to get while I’m washing my hair in sections. A little goes a long way; I cut the bar in half to make it easier to use and a little rubbing on the scalp is all that’s needed to get a lather going.

The smell is very herbal and that’s to be expected due to the rosemary essential oil in it. It also is supposed to have aloe vera in it too and I think that helps because my hair doesn’t feel stripped or stiff when I use this bar!

The only complaint about this bar is similar to the one I talked about concerning the Autumn Spice soap. When this bar is wet, it becomes a weird, slimy, sticky substance that while workable for my hair washing, I fear that it will melt easily if suspended in water for a long time. To combat this, I use a wooden soap tray and I always wash my hair in the sink, NEVER the shower.

Due to the use of both products, I have become hooked on Body & Soul Soap! I will definitely be trying more products from this shop in the future! Check out the owner on Instagram and take a look in her shop. You might see something you like!


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One thought on “Review | Body & Soul Soap

  1. Aw, thank you kindly for the honest review and recommendation. The shampoo bar is here ( but the autumn was seasonal, soon to be replaced by an x-mas bar.

    The gumminess is because it’s a hot process soap which is ready immediately versus a cold process soap which takes 6 weeks to cure (we didn’t have time to wait) but in future bars we’ll plan better so the bars are firmer. I’m glad it worked for you despite the glitch 🙂


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