Review | Green Iguana Bay-Bee Bastille Soap

Even though we are in the second half of Fall before Winter, it doesn’t really feel that cold down here in Florida. It’s been nothing but fair to warm temperatures all around. I’ve been busy during these changes: updating my Etsy shop, relaxing, taking walks outside to enjoy the fresh air and writing more blog posts during my free time.

Speaking of which, this will be a product review on another small business I stumbled upon a long time ago! This business is called Green Iguana Bath, Body, Beauty & Lifestyle and it specializes in handcrafted soaps and skin care!

This little gem here is the Bay-Bee Bastille Soap and if I remember correctly, the price was around $6 when I purchased it. Unfortunately, this is another small shop that you will have to catch at certain festivals and places where it’s set up for customers since I can’t find the shop’s website.


The backstory is this: I had been hired to photograph an event held at the Brooks YMCA center and I happened to pass by this shop set up near the entrance. It’s only when I went back down to grab a band-aid that I noticed the shop’s table, ran over, checked out the products and eventually settled on this little soap bar.

Of course I promised to write a review about it; who says that I don’t love supporting small businesses?!


I used this soap for a long time so I could see the results clearly. I must say, this soap is fantastic! It’s a circular shape, so it’s somewhat easy to hold in my hands. The lather starts off bubbly and then dissolves into a foamy, creamy substance that feels wonderful on my skin. The fragrance to me is neutral; it doesn’t smell super sweet or weird at all. It’s just a fresh, clean scent to me.

Combined with warm shower or bath water, this soap is very moisturizing to my dry skin! It doesn’t irritate it at all (it is a soap designed for sensitive skin after all) and my skin is left feeling smooth and a little soft. I used it on my face and it does great at controlling the oil on my face.


Since it contains ingredients like oat milk, oats and honey, this is great for sensitive, dry skin or even for the little babies! I don’t have any children, so I can’t speak on whether this soap works great for them or not.

I don’t really have any negative things to say about this soap; it’s a great soap bar all around. I will purchase another one in the future, but I just need to find this shop first! There is a Facebook page, so if interested of purchasing a soap from this shop, send a message to the owners!

Green Iguana Facebook Page:

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