Riverside Morning at Memorial Park

Today is Sunday. I have one hour to myself before reporting to my restaurant job. Driving down Riverside, I discover large houses and cars lining both sides of the street. Some houses are elegant and modern in appearance. Others are aged and weathered by the natural elements. All of which I regard with curiosity and fascination.

Further down I discover a park near the St. Johns River and I park my car in one of the two available spots. The statue of a figure standing on a globe catches my eye and I greet it before searching for a place to sit. Around me, people are walking with a companion, fishing for this morning’s catch or smoking to pass the time.

I find a dry marble bench and place a towel over it to block the coolness of the marble from reaching my bottom. I stare at the waves as the clouds dance slowly across the late morning sky. Sometimes the sun pokes itself out to drop some sunshine on my face.

The wind delivers a breeze that ruffles the waters and sprays a slight salty scent into the air. My nose catches it and I’m reminded of my visit to Fernandina Beach last Sunday. Sometimes I wonder if this is the closest to a beach setting the residents of Riverside get to experience.

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