Quiet Morning at Boone Park

Another hour and a half to myself allowed another visit to a park of choice. After exploring further, I found another park nestled behind a small band of shops and restaurants. Boone Park was the name and the morning was alive with the chatter of neighbors and the shouts of children playing nearby. Despite both, the sounds of birds chirping provided the natural music of the park and I relaxed after slowly sinking into a rusty bench.

Trees were everywhere I turned and their ages were determined by how far they extended themselves into the sky. Sometimes I would hear the occasional plop as an acorn would come loose and drop to the earth to join the others that fell before it.

There was also a large squirrel population and the ground was alive with many of them scurrying and climbing about. Most hunted for anything edible to munch on while some darted from tree to tree. One in particular chased a smaller squirrel from one tree to the other while sporting a small acorn in its mouth. I giggled quietly when the squirrel managed to escape into the branches of a nearby tree.

Staring up at the sky, I didn’t miss the opportunity to snap a quick photo as the clouds danced slowly by. An acorn landed next to my foot and I bent over to pick it up. Examining the greenish seed in my palm, I distinctly remembered why I would visit parks on my free time. It’s quiet, peaceful and somewhere I can truly rest and let my mind wander for a while.

My thoughts were interrupted by the chatter of a girl pointing out squirrels and chasing after them with an declaration of “Let’s eat them!” The parent, a middle-aged man dressed casually, followed behind warning her to be careful. I smiled at the small spectacle before realizing that it was time to leave for work. Oh well, I thought. There’s always another day to spend here.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Morning at Boone Park

  1. Loved your vignette of a place in time. It gives me a similar feeling of when I just sit out somewhere and sketch my surroundings. I like your art too, by the way. I just started and am pretty crap at it. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Thank you! You’re an impressive writer as well; I see that your writing has been featured in several companies and magazines. That’s quite an achievement! As for the art, practice improves your art skills, so keep at it and you will get better over time.

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