Graphite Pencil Art | “Veggie Trio”

I’ve gotten back into drawing again after “upgrading” my pencils to the Tombow brand and getting some tracing paper and a larger drawing pad. I had planned in the past on doing a trio of either fruits or vegetables on a larger scale than what I usually do and this was a good opportunity to try it out.

I didn’t have the chance to photograph some fresh produce to use for references, so on the Internet I went. I settled on a tomato, an onion, and an eggplant as my three subjects and after some searching, I found three pictures worthy of being used!

Credit: anna1311, iStockphoto/Getty Images



First, I drew some guidelines on where I wanted to place the vegetables in the finished artwork. Then I set to work on sketching the shape or each vegetable with my 4H pencil.

I then started shading in the details of each vegetable over the course of several days and the more I worked on it, the happier I got. I worked slowly and referred to the images for details. I tried to dedicate at least an hour to add more to the drawing everyday or every other day. My B, 2B, 3B and 4B pencils were used.

The effort and pacing was really paying off, but I did struggle with filling in the details of the onion. My regret was not making it a whole vegetable like the tomato and eggplant, but I did my best to make it look more dimensional than flat. Regardless, I managed to completely finish the drawing.

The finished artwork!

I’m very pleased with the results and the tomato and eggplant look very metallic to me, though it was not my intention to make them both appear that way. The onion looks good, but next time I will make it a whole onion if I choose to draw it again. But I’m getting better the more I draw and create more graphite pencil artwork!

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