Graphite Pencil Art | “Half-Awake Tulip”

Work has been difficult, but it hasn’t stopped me from sticking to my goal of creating three to four drawings during my stay on Monhegan Island. I completed yet another drawing, but this time my subject was from plants and flowers instead of fruits and vegetables. After taking several morning walks, I settled on a slightly open tulip flower as my subject. There were plenty to choose since they were the most common flowers on the island.

As usual, I always sketch an outline of the subject before getting to the details. This was no exception and I used my 4H pencil for the outline. I tried to make it as light as possible for some light erasing later on.

With that completed, I started shading in the details using my 2B, 3B, and 4B pencils. I’ve had trouble in the past for rushing through the process, especially when it came to working on plants, flowers, leaves, and the like. So I made sure to shade as close as to what I saw in the reference photo and use my kneaded eraser to lightly erase the outline marks. I wanted the shading to give away the shape of the tulip’s petals and stem, not what I sketched for the outline, if that makes any sense.

It took me several days, but I continued to move slow and eventually finished the drawing before reporting to work the following afternoon.

Out of all of the drawings I’ve done that feature plants and flowers, this is not only the best one I have so far, but one that I’m very happy and satisfied with! The petals turned out realistic and give off the shape of the tulip nearly perfectly. I will try to add more to the stem though; it just looks somewhat flat to me. I don’t know. But overall, I’m very happy with the drawing!

My next subject will be another flower, but I’m torn between using graphite pencils again or trying my hand at gouache paints. I’ll have a decision soon, but I’m torn for now.

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